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Pink Points - Earn 'em, Spend 'em

Our Pink Points scheme is an extension (new & improved) of our super successful loyalty program we already run in-store. Here's the lowdown:

Create an account to earn your first 100 points
Earn 1 pink point for every £1 spent
Reach 150 points and you will receive a 10% discount code
You can redeem your points online and in-store


Simply enter your email to subscribe, then create an account to receive your first 100 Pink Points

If you have a physical loyalty card from our shops, you can post it back to us with your name, email and address and we will add it to your account.

Send your loyalty card (it doesn't need to be full - we will work out the points for you) to:

Tilley & Grace
27 Yew Tree Courtyard
Framlingham Road
Earl Soham
IP13 7SG

T&C's can be viewed here