Linen Clothing

Linen Clothing

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      Women’s Linen Clothing from Italy

      From flowing summer dresses to soft linen tops that effortlessly blend sophistication with comfort, discover why Italian linen is a perennial favourite among fashion connoisseurs.

      How is linen made?

      This beautiful material is born from the fibers of the flax plant, the age-old technique involves harvesting, retting, and weaving, transforming flax into the exquisite linen fabric that graces our wardrobes.

      Can you wear linen all year round?

      Linen, known for its breathability and versatility, makes linen a fabulous material for all seasons. From the cool embrace of linen trousers in summer to the layer-friendly nature of linen shirts in colder months, discover the adaptability of this fabric. It naturally has a timeless appeal that allows you to weave linen seamlessly into your wardrobe, regardless of the season.

      Our best-selling linen dresses and linen co-ords

      You’ll be able to shop our wonderful linen pieces in this category. Our dresses and co-ords are seasonal favourites among our customers and you can certainly see why! Be sure to check back on a regular basis, as we have new stock coming in weekly. Sign up to our newsletter here to be notified of our new arrivals.