Leather Crossbody Bags & Purses

Leather Crossbody Bags & Purses

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      Made In Italy: Crossbody Bags and Purses

      Discover our collection of Italian leather crossbody bags and purses. Immerse yourself in the allure of genuine Italian craftsmanship, where timeless elegance meets modern functionality. 

      Genuine Italian Leather: A Commitment to Quality

      At Tilley & Grace, quality is paramount. Our crossbody bags and purses are meticulously crafted in Italy, renowned for its longstanding tradition of leather craftsmanship. Each piece is crafted from genuine Italian leather, ensuring durability, softness, and a luxurious finish. We also have a range of suede and animal print variations.

      Versatile and Stylish

      Whether you're navigating the bustling city streets or enjoying a leisurely weekend getaway, our collection offers the perfect companion for every occasion. Our most popular designs, the Chichester, India, and Bronte, are celebrated for their impeccable design, spacious interiors, and sophisticated aesthetic. Each bag is thoughtfully designed with practicality in mind, featuring multiple compartments and a detachable bag strap for added versatility. Transition effortlessly from day to night, embracing the seamless blend of style and functionality.

      From Block Colours to Metallics

      Discover a world of possibilities with our diverse range of crossbody bags and purses. Whether you're drawn to the timeless elegance of block colours, the bold allure of animal prints, or the contemporary edge of metallics, our collection offers something for every discerning fashionista. Elevate your ensemble with a splash of colour or make a bold statement with a striking animal print. Whatever your style preference, our curated collection ensures you'll find the perfect piece to express your unique personality.

      Detachable Bag Straps

      Experience unparalleled versatility with our range of crossbody bags and purses, featuring detachable bag straps for effortless customisation. Whether you prefer a classic crossbody style or a sleek shoulder bag, our innovative designs allow you to adapt your look to suit any occasion. Swap straps effortlessly, embracing endless styling possibilities and ensuring your bag always complements your outfit.