What is the best gift for valentines day?

What is the best gift for Valentine's Day?

As the 14th of February approaches, you might be racking your brain and wondering: "what is the best gift for Valentine's Day?" Flowers will wilt, chocolates go too quickly, and dinners and trips out create fantastic memories, but they may fade over the years. 

We think the best gift for Valentine's Day is something that will last forever and they can cherish for years. That's why we think jewellery is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day because well-made jewellery lasts a lifetime. Jewellery is often bought for Valentine's Day because it represents eternal connection and never-ending love. 

If you're having trouble thinking of ideas for Valentine's Day, love is in the air at Tilley & Grace! Why not browse our Valentine's Day gift ideas below and make 2023 the best Valentine's Day yet?

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  • The best Valentine's Day jewellery
  • How can I make Valentine's Day really Special?
  • What can I do on Valentine's Day on a low budget?
  • What should I gift myself on Valentine's Day?

The best Valentine's Day jewellery 

You can't go wrong with jewellery for Valentine's Day. Jewellery tells your loved one they are worth going out and choosing something beautiful and unique. Here is our selection of the best Valentine's Day jewellery to gift your beloved.

Colourful jewellery

Colourful jewellery

If you are well acquainted with Tilley & Grace, you'll know we love a splash of colour. And if your loved one loves colour too, you're in the perfect place. We have a stunning selection of colourful jewellery for you to browse, including the Sophie Hoop, Isabela Hoop, Julieta Hoop earrings and the Milly Ring.

Unique rings and earrings

These unique rings and earrings contain dazzling multi-coloured gemstones that provide an elegant and chic sparkle with a quirky pop of colour. The brightly coloured gem-studded rings and earrings will make your lady feel special with a truly unique gift.

Heart jewellery for Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day is the holiday of love, a heart-shaped piece of jewellery will not go amiss. Heart-shaped jewellery is the perfect gift to show them how much you love them. Our exquisite heart-shaped necklace, ring, bracelet or pair of earrings will remind them every day of that magical Valentine's Day in 2023. All our heart-shaped jewellery complements occasion wear but can also add a touch of sparkle to everyday wear. 

Heart jewellery for Valentine's Day

Our dainty and elegant beaded Heart Ring will look adorable on the hand of your beloved, available in gold or silver. 

If they prefer a pair of earrings, opt for the Lianna or Chrissy earrings. These classic heart-shaped studs and drop styles are diamante-encrusted for a gorgeous, subtle sparkle. 

Ettie Necklace

For a bold statement piece that will have them saying "wow", we recommend the Ettie Necklace. We absolutely adore this chic free-flowing double-layered heart pendant necklace. You won't find this unique, fluid design anywhere else. 

Shelley Heart Bangle

Or if you know they love a bit of sparkle, express your love with our most stunning Shelly Heart Bangle. The elegant gold or silver plated bangle is encrusted with dozens of shimmering diamantes, adorned with a beautiful diamante heart at the top. The Shelly Heart Bangle is a captivating piece of jewellery, perfect for date night or any special occasion.

If heart-shaped jewellery isn’t your partner's cup of tea, but you still want to get something that represents your love, take a look at our Angelica Bangle. The interlocking loop detail represents an everlasting love between two people. 

How can I make Valentine's Day really Special?

How can I make Valentine's Day really Special?

All a girl wants in a Valentine's Day gift is something that shows you care or something personal to them. Our selection of jewellery is as beautiful and unique as the person you love.

Valentine's Day gift ideas

The Louise offset square bejewelled ring and Penelope irregular cluster ring are positively unique. You won't find anything like these exquisite pieces anywhere else. These sparkly statement rings catch the light from every angle and come in gold and silver plated bands with white or navy diamantes. 

Valentine's Day Jewellery

Instead of the typical diamante jewellery, why not choose a necklace with a pearl pendant? Gift your sweetheart a pearl necklace that is chic and timeless with our Margo Necklace. The delicate pearl is the epitome of sophistication, paired with the modern interlink chain, making this necklace the perfect adornment for any outfit, day or night.

Valentine's Day jewellery gift ideas

Alternatively, you could opt for our double-chain layered Lois Necklace for an elegant touch and modern styling. The triple cascading circles and the rectangular pendant is a truly unique combination. Choose between gold or silver plating.

Glamorous jewellery at Tilley & Grace 

Glamorous jewellery at Tilley & Grace

The best Valentine's gift idea is something she wouldn't typically buy for herself, a treat to show how special you think she really is. Our Isabelle or Lauren Bracelets will add a touch of glamour to any outfit with their stunning diamante-encrusted designs. 

Beautiful silk scarves

Beautiful silk scarves

If jewellery isn't her thing, but she likes soft materials and bright colours, give her something unique. Our beautiful and luxurious silk scarves come in an array of vibrant colours, from blue and green to orange and purple. Or you can stick with Valentine's theme and opt for red or pink

Treat her to a scarf in her favourite colour or pattern that matches her aesthetic, and see her delight when she opens it on Valentine's Day.

What can I do on Valentine's Day on a low budget?

Here at Tilley & Grace, we believe love knows no bounds, meaning we have something to suit even a tight budget. All our beautiful jewellery, recommended for Valentine's Day, is under £20, yet never compromises on quality and still looks stunning. 

Also, our luxury pure silk scarfs all come to £40, the perfect affordable gift for this Valentine's Day. 

What should I gift myself on Valentine's Day?

Who says that Valentine's Day is just for couples? It's 2023, and it's time to love yourself! Why not treat yourself to something you really want this Valentine's Day instead of waiting for cheap chocolates and boring garage bouquets? Besides, who knows what you want better than yourself?

We hope you have the best Valentine's Day. Love, Tilley & Grace!

Whether you're shopping for a partner, a parent, a sister, a best friend or yourself, we think there is something for everyone at Tilley & Grace. Why not browse our full jewellery and silk scarf collection to find the perfect gift for your Valentine's/ Galentine's or Palentine's Day?

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