Fill Your Boots, With Stocking Fillers!

Fill Your Boots, With Stocking Fillers!

Stocking Filler Inspiration   


What is the first thing you think of when Christmas morning rolls around? Has Santa left a stocking by the fireplace! Of course, its more..."Has Santa left a stocking above the fireplace for my darling child" But we think you deserve a little stocking filler at Christmas, just a little something to open while there is red and gold wrapping paper twirling in the air in your peripheral vision. We have you covered...


1. A Winter Warmer

A winter scarf is always a joy to receive, the multitude of ways you can wear is whizzes through your mind while holding it up to show your family. Or thinking of the friend opening her present on Christmas morning, after you delicately wrapped it sealed with a swirly gold bow. Squeezing a scarf in its wrapping, trying to guess what it is brings us such joy.


2. Mittens and More...

The same with gloves, a little squeeze here, a prod there to see what it could be, so many possibilities! Anything soft and squishy, leaves so much to the imagination but we know you will be pleasantly surprised with anything you unwrap from Tilley and Grace. 



4. Socks, Socks and More Socks

Socks are always received with a smile, looking down at the cheeky little Santa smiling up at you! You never know what you're going to get with a pair of socks, a notedly Christmas pair, with a dancing snowman, or a multitude of sausage dogs wearing hats! But if you're honest, do you mind what print they end up being? We only stock fabulous designs that bring a smile to anyones face, and with the bamboo fabric content, you're walking on luxury!



4. Wallets That Make Spending Easier!

Although sometimes luxury can come at a price, with such amazing bargains we have you sorted in that department too! Your wallet will still feel happy after Christmas, especially if its looking as stylish as our Glitter Star purse! With every reason to give yourself a little boost, why not treat yourself or your loved one to a new wallet / purse, it will look so fabulous poking out of the stocking on Christmas morning! 



5. Silver and Gold

Jewellery is such a winner when it comes to stocking fillers! You just can't go wrong with a simple gold hoop, or silver bangle. With our large selection of jewellery there is something for everyone, a lovely little dainty Lianna Necklace for your daughter, or an Albany for a niece. A Freda Chain Bracelet for a fashionable lady, or some Mona Earrings for a wonderful mother!  

( We have a whole Blog post on sparkling Christmas jewellery, take a look HERE! )


Stocking fillers are a great way of boosting the mood come Christmas morning, have a browse on our website for all the little treasures included in this post! 

Our stocking filler Wishlist! 

 (1. Tahiti Necklace, 2. Poppy Gloves - Dusky pink, 3. Silk Scarf - Blue Butterfly, 4. Teddy Faux Fur Bag - Grey, 5. Nolan Star Earrings, 6. Funky Bag Strap, 7. Maddox Wallets -Gold )