Accessorising your summer outfits with our top 25 holiday jewellery picks

Accessorising your summer outfits with our top 25 holiday jewellery picks

So you've booked your flights, and you're looking forward to your summer holiday. You may have even started planning your holiday outfits. However, something you might have forgotten about amongst all the packing planning and holiday admin is what jewellery you want to take with you. Often left to the last minute and shoved at the bottom of our suitcase or wash bag, summer accessories are hardly ever at the top of the priority list.

But if you're asking, how can I look trendy in summer? You need to consider what jewellery you want to match with your summer outfits and if you need to refresh your jewellery selection. Sometimes we end up wearing the same jewellery all the time when we can treat ourselves to the summer jewellery we really want and make our holiday outfits pop.

Here is our guide on trending summer jewellery for your upcoming holiday and how to style your summer outfits with our holiday jewellery picks. 

How to accessorise summer outfits?

If you haven't the foggiest about how to accessories summer outfits, at Tilley & Grace, we're here to help. From statement pieces to complementary colours, here is our 101 on how to accessorise summer outfits with our summer jewellery.

  1. Wear silver jewellery with light, cool tones like sky blue. With this colour palette,  gold jewellery can be a little bit overpowering. 
  2. Gold jewellery pairs better with bold, warm colours like reds and oranges, which would drown out silver jewellery.
  3. Use colourful jewellery to add a pop of colour to your outfit or create a statement piece.
  4. Use colour beads or gems to bring out complementary colours in your outfits. For example, if you're wearing a green dress with pink decoration, pair it with pink jewellery and accessories to draw out the pink colour.
  5. Most importantly, have fun! If you feel good in a piece of jewellery, roll with it!

Trending holiday jewellery

Here is our list of trending holiday jewellery for 2023. So take your pick!

Blue as the sea

When you think of holidays, you immediately think of the sun, sea and sand. Beachy blues often come out in summer fashion inspired by the crystal blue waters of your dream beach destination. So, why not emulate that in your accessories? We have a stunning range of blue and beachy-inspired jewellery to get you in the holiday mood.

Louise ring1. Louise ring

Our Louise ring in navy and gold is the perfect addition to any evening holiday outfit. The dark navy blue gems and silver metal will glisten like the sea under the moonlight. The bright gold colour will shine brighter when paired with dark colours for going out for dinner.

Blair ring2. Blair ring

The Blair ring will add instant glamour to any holiday outfit. The Jade green gem emulates the colour of the turquoise sea and will give you mermaid vibes. Pair this ring with a contrasting pink outfit, making the green gem pop.

Sally earrings3. Sally earrings

The Sally earrings come in gold and silver, and either would make any holiday outfit beach ready. The beaded drop pendants shimmer and catch the light like pebbles in a rock pool, giving an instant beach vibe. The shimmery blue and pink beads will go well with outfits with a blue, pink or white colour palette.

Beau Bracelet4. Beau Bracelet

The Beau bracelet features a gorgeous aquamarine gemstone and silver and gold beading that glistens like the sun on the sea, perfect for embellishing any everyday summer outfit.

Tropical beach vibes

If you're heading to a tropical paradise, you need the accessories and jewellery to match. Emulate your surroundings with fun novelty holiday earrings that will really get you in the vacation spirit.

Starfish Lianna Earrings5. Starfish Lianna Earrings

The Starfish Lianna earrings are adorable. We love how they give a subtle sparkle and add a touch of shine to an everyday look. These are perfect for casual holiday wear when heading to a tropical beach. They also come in gold and silver to suit your summer wardrobe and taste.

Pineapple Lianna Earrings6. Pineapple Lianna Earrings

Equally as adorable are our Pineapple Lianna Earrings. Lay by the pool or lounge of a tropical beach drinking fruity cocktails with this fun pineapple-shaped accessory. Choose from gold or silver to match your swimwear and inject your holiday outfit a touch of sparkle and fun.

Sunshine getaway

If you want to emulate warm vibes for your sunshine getaway, we have a selection of jewellery that is perfect for you. Here is the ultimate holiday jewellery edit, from sun pendants to warm tones. 

Fraya necklace7. Fraya necklace

Perfect for sunny days, the Fraya necklace features sun pendants around a short neck chain. The delicate Fraya necklace is a beautiful way to embellish your holiday outfit and embodies the emblem of summer. It is also super versatile. The silver metal will allow you to wear this necklace with most outfits on holiday, perfect if you don't want to take all your jewellery.

Chloe necklace8. Chloe necklace

The Chloe necklace is the extended sister of the Fraya necklace, with some grey gemstones added. The summery sun pendants are perfect for sunny days as the shiny silver metal catches the light. The long floaty chain will complement all your summer outfits with various necklines.

Suri necklace9. Suri necklace

The Suri necklace will be your ultimate go-to necklace this summer season. With a diamante sun-shaped pendant in gold or silver, this necklace can embellish any holiday outfit and give it a touch of sunny sparkle. Don't forget this one on your packing list!

Nancy earrings10. Nancy earrings

Feel instantly summery with these gold hoop earrings and caramel gems. The warm tones of the Nancy earrings will complement your sun-kissed skin and pair well with a warm-toned holiday wardrobe.

Rue earrings11. Rue earrings

These on-trend rectangular earrings are perfect for your summer or holiday wardrobe. The delicate glint of gold from the Rue earrings adds sophistication to an everyday outfit.

A pop of colour

Colour is in! From neon pops to pastel shades, stay trendy this summer by incorporating colour into your holiday wardrobe. Pair your colourful outfits with some of our colourful jewellery to complete your summer look.

Alicia earrings12. Alicia earrings

The Alicia earrings are gold hoops with colourful beads threaded at the bottom. These delicate beaded hoops provide a dazzling pop of colour, including pink and blue, that will pair with your colourful holiday wardrobe.

Lexi drop earrings13. Lexi drop earrings

The Lexi drop earrings are highly fashionable and current. Add these to your holiday jewellery set for a stylish summer combination. The blue, orange and white tortoiseshell flecks on the circular hoops emulate the perfect summer sunset, ideal for an evening or day holiday outfit.

Sophie hoop14. Sophie hoop

The Sophie hoop earrings are the ultimate summer fun accessory. With bright-coloured gems, including blue, green, orange, pink and more, these are the perfect earrings to match your colourful holiday wardrobe. The dazzling multicolour gems are set on the inside and front of the earrings and give you a sparkle from all angles.

Leah Earrings15. Leah Earrings

Part of our New-In collection, our Leah Earrings offer bright, vibrant colours for your holiday and summer wardrobe. Choose from fuchsia pink, green, orange or royal blue to match your favourite summer outfit. These large, teardrop-shaped hoops are on-trend this summer and are great for dressing up any outfit.

Nadine Earrings16. Nadine Earrings

Express your quirky side with our quirky-shaped Nadine Earrings. The wavy curves and vibrant colours will add a splash of fun energy to your outfit. Choose from royal blue, orange, green or fuchsia pink.

Jace Earrings17. Jace Earrings

The Jace earrings are a must-have in your jewellery collection. These two-tone, three-quarter hooped earrings feature a quirky design and vibrant colours, perfect for any hot holiday destination. If you love bright colours and unique jewellery, these earrings are for you!

Harlow Earrings18. Harlow Earrings

Another pair of bold earrings from our New-In collection,  Harlow earrings offer vibrant colour to any outfit, and the metal rim surrounding the earring makes these colours pop!

Hannah Earrings19. Hannah Earrings

Our Hannah earrings have beautiful twisted rope detailing paired with our on-trend, bright, vibrant colour palette. Use these to create a pop of colour with any holiday outfit. 

Billie Earrings20. Billie Earrings

The Billie earrings have a fun, intertwined design in various playful colours, including royal blue, orange, green and fuchsia pink, adding a quirky pop of colour to your holiday wardrobe.

Camilio Necklace21. Camilio Necklace

The Camilio necklace is bold, bright and beautiful. The chunky chain is a standout piece and will make a bold statement with any outfit. Get this necklace in all our current new-in collection colours, like orange, royal blue, green and fuchsia pink, meaning you can pair it perfectly with any of our new earrings.

Perfectly pastel

Pastels aren't just for spring! Discover our New-In summer jewellery range, full of pastel shades to pair with your summer wardrobe.

Aria Earrings22. Aria Earrings

Embellish your summer outfits with these colourful statement hoops. Get the Aria earrings in turquoise blue, white or powder pink for a beautiful pop of colour to your summer outfit.

Lucy Earrings23. Lucy Earrings

The white Lucy earrings offer a chic sophistication for your summer jewellery collection, perfect for adding a clean pastel white embellishment to an evening outfit. The modern design provides something unique that you haven't seen before.

Liberty Earrings24. Liberty Earrings

Our Liberty earrings are another stunning pair of pastel earrings to add a delicate pop of colour to your summer outfits. Choose from turquoise, white or pink. Colourful, quirky and geometric, these are stunning statement pieces to flaunt your style on holiday and at summer events. 

Alyson Earrings25. Alyson Earrings

The Alyson earrings are small delicate, three-quartered hoop earrings with a dainty diamante by the ear. These are the perfect everyday earrings for those who love pastel colours; you can't pack your holiday bags without them!

Practical FAQs for travelling with your favourite jewellery

How to pack jewellery for a holiday?

Nothing is more frustrating than picking all your favourite jewellery to go on holiday only to find it all tangled or broken at the other end. A great way to keep your jewellery untangled and safe while travelling is to put your jewellery in a mini jewellery box. They are usually compact zipped boxes featuring compartments, hooks, pouches and slots for all your necklaces, earrings, and rings.

How to pack jewellery for a holiday?

The separated compartments, neat pouches and slots allow you to transport your jewellery apart from each other so that it doesn't tangle. The robust enclosure will also keep your jewellery safe from harm.

These come in various colours and sizes to suit your taste and needs. But, they are usually smaller as you won't take all your jewellery on holiday, and to make it easier to fit in your suitcase. These boxes offer a lot of value for a reasonable price.

How do you store jewellery in a humid climate?

If you didn't know already humid climate can cause your jewellery to tarnish faster. So, protect your jewellery while you're on holiday by storing it correctly, especially if you're away for a long time. Here are our top tips on protecting your jewellery in humid climates.

  1. Keep your holiday jewellery in a cool, dry room. So don't leave it in the bathroom if you have taken it off for a shower. 
  2. Use air conditioning or a dehumidifier when possible. If you have access to air conditioning or a dehumidifier in your room, this can help keep your jewellery from tarnishing due to the humidity.
  3. Use a ziplock bag and silica gel packets. If you can't escape the humidity, seal your jewellery in a zip lock bag with a silica gel packet. If you don't use the silica gel packets, you're potentially sealing in the moisture. Replace the silica packet regularly. 
  4. Separate out your jewellery. You should be doing this at home already, but with the addition of humidity, separating your jewellery is even more crucial to prevent tarnishing. Mixing metals will cause jewellery to tarnish faster.

Holiday jewellery at Tilley & Grace

There you have it; everything you need to know about travelling with and storing your summer jewellery on holiday. We also hope you can find and refresh your holiday jewellery collection to make you feel fabulous on holiday from our vast selection of summer jewellery. However, if the items listed above don't tickle your fancy, fear not! We have many more choices to browse in our jewellery collection to help you find the perfect piece for your holiday.

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